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Proofing Services in London
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Proofing Services in London

We offer a comprehensive range of bird proof measures from anti-bird points to netting

Proofing Services

Proofing is a technique that is used to deter pests by blocking entry points into sites or prevent pests from creating nests on rooftops. It is extremely effective against a wide variety of pests such as rodents, flying insects and nuisance birds, for example, gulls. Whereas some methods of pest control work to reduce the number of pests, proofing is effective at eliminating the problem entirely, usually in combination with a baiting programme.

Our staff understand the requirements of a proof measure, and we are able to determine and advise our clients using information based on years of experience in working with deterrents which have a proven track record.

We’ve worked in a variety of different locations so can recommend the best places for proofing measures in and around your area to ensure the pest in question can’t re-enter the premises. Rodents and mice are notorious for chewing through walls or squeezing through tiny gaps in order to move around a room or building and so knowing which parts of the building this is coming from is very important and helped by experience.

Rooftop proofing methods are one of the best ways of dealing with nuisance gull activity. Gulls can have very intense breeding periods and once they’ve found an area to nest, they can cause a range of health and safety problems, being a risk to people working or living in and around the area. Proofing rooftops that gulls are targeting makes it unavailable for them to create nests there and therefore prevents them from settling in the area.

Rooftop proofing can be very difficult to implement all the time, as many roofs can be unsuitable for installing proofing measures. So we offer alternative methods when dealing with nuisance birds ranging from falconry and specialist cleaning services to fully integrated bird control programmes.

Upon request, we will provide a free survey and estimate to install the most effective available product not just the most expensive. All our work is guaranteed and if it’s shown that our recommended measures have failed we will reinstall alternatives at no additional cost.

We have worked on a range of different projects from small rural areas to large-scale, multi-year developments and so can deal with a range of pest problems in different environments, accommodating different timescales and tight deadlines.

Our staff are I.P.A.F. trained and qualified to operate all types of access equipment assuring peace of mind and minimum disruption. Where necessary installations can be carried out outside of normal working hours to further minimise the impact on your staff and premises.

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