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Hawking Services in London

We use trained hawks to deter gulls, pigeons, and other pest birds from your premises

Hawking Services

Nuisance bird species come in all forms and can be notoriously difficult to reduce or remove due to nuisance birds like feral pigeons and gulls having very active breeding cycles. This can create multiple problems, causing areas of nuisance bird activity to be unsafe, with the sites creating obstacles that block maintenance systems and birds posing as a harmful danger to people in and around that area.

In particular, as more and more buildings and housing areas come into development, nuisance bird activity can disrupt and damage ongoing multi-year projects, preventing or delaying the completion of new commercial buildings. This is particularly common throughout London, where many new projects, both housing and commercial, are undergoing construction and nuisance bird activity can be extremely expensive to compensate if left untreated.

One of the most effective methods of dealing with nuisance bird pieces is the use of Hawking. When done correctly, the use of a hawking program can reduce and remove nuisance bird activity with the trained birds of prey posing as a constant reminder to the target bird that the area is unsafe for them to live and breed in. Exposing the nuisance bird to hawking over an extended period of time slowly makes them associate their current pattern and site as an area of danger, resulting in them seeking alternative sites elsewhere.

We have a dedicated bird control team of falconers and over forty birds trained in the techniques required to alter patterns of behaviour using predatory species.

We have been using hawks and falcons to displace nuisance bird species from urban locations and industry probably longer than any other company and have developed systems which are now used as a blueprint by most of our contemporaries.

We breed all of our own birds then carefully select the best suited based on various criteria including temperament. These birds are then trained using specially developed techniques for on average twelve months and then used exclusively for bird control. This is an important question which must be asked of any potential contractor as only birds trained and used exclusively in this way should ever be introduced to the conditions required.

The benefits of hawking include the freedom of flight for the bird of prey. As nuisance bird activity is especially common in urban areas, this means that it can affect a wide variety of buildings, each with different surrounding locations and architectural designs. With the use of trained birds, they can effortlessly reach areas that, if done by hand, would require a team of specialists with specific equipment, requiring time to set up/pack up.

With our extensive training, the activity of the predatory birds can be tailored throughout the procedure, adjusting to the response of the nuisance birds. This provides a dynamic between both sets of birds which constantly disrupts the nuisance birds, regardless of their type of activity, making them aware that any efforts to counter the predatory bird’s threats are ineffective.

Hawking is intended not to harm the nuisance bird but to make them aware of a constant threat that persuades them to leave the affected area, abandoning their current behaviour pattern. It takes time to change a behaviour pattern, especially if the nuisance bird is very well accustomed to the site, but through a gradual process, their patterns start to change and they’ll begin to abandon their current sites, allowing for the safe cleaning and removal of the abandoned sites.

Upon request we will survey the affected area and provide a free report outlining the important issues such as environmental conditions and the availability of food and provide a bespoke program designed to address the problem. With a high level of existing infrastructure we are able to offer not only an effective but also commercially viable solution in almost any location.

We’re experienced with different levels of nuisance bird activity on multiple types of buildings, from large-scale projects to more intimate problems and so understand the best solution for different types of sites. Our bespoke program will outline the different stages of dealing with nuisance bird activity and the way in which we will use hawking, with estimated time-frames.

Do the birds of prey kill the birds that are causing the problems?

No, the predatory bird is used to disrupt the established patterns of feeding or roosting by the nuisance species, forcing it to seek an alternative site.

How are these birds trained?

The birds we use for pest control are trained from an early age to recognise the handler as the "sole source of food". This means we are able to fly them in distracting circumstances without posing a problem to the general public, or non-nuisance species.

We also match the correct predatory bird with the correct location, ensuring minimum impact on the environment, the public and our birds.

Are my staff or the general public at risk from an attack?

No, the birds we use for this service are trained to a high degree of tolerance, they are undisturbed by people or machinery.

Don't the birds just return once we have left?

When done correctly, the nuisance species is forced to alter behavioural patterns. These patterns are deep set and have occurred through the lack of any deterrent.

It is true that to begin with, the problem returns once we have left. However, over a period of usually two weeks, a new pattern forms which can then be maintained with routine follow up treatments.

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Since using Van Vynck to eradicate fowling wood pigeons on site, I have seen a vast improvement within a very short space of time. Not only have they saved me money on expensive jet washing services they have also made the site a safe and above all a clean environment to work in. I would highly recommend Van Vynck Bird Control for your business.

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