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Flock Control Services in London
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Flock Control Services in London

An integrated bird control approach where single methods such as proofing and displacement are not viable

Flock Control Services

There are some situations where the displacement of nuisance birds is not possible, due to perhaps an abundance of features making proofing unsuitable, or where falconry alone will not work because the size of the location means that displaced birds are just moved to another part of the same site.

This can be an occurrence in areas that have had untreated nuisance bird activity for multiple years, solidifying their behavioural patterns and attachment to the target site. This can also occur in large or tall areas where it’s very hard to contain the whole area, resulting in the nuisance birds either moving across, higher up or lower down the affected building, structure or location.

Why Control?

Nuisance bird activity in flocks can result in large-scale damages or delays to projects, creating a variety of problems such as scheduling and site-management issues, the spread of disease and the risk of attack.

Herring Gulls are known to attack humans on-site, and all bird fouling is unsightly and can spread disease and as such the removal and cleaning of areas affected by bird waste requires specialist products and equipment. Large-scale flocks also cause multiple obstructions and can block or damage access to electrical wiring or power sources for maintenance teams, creating a serious health and safety hazard.

Our Approach

We’ll begin with a site survey to establish the scale of nuisance bird activity and discuss with you to determine the best approach. Flock reduction and population management is a complicated service to deliver, and requires a detailed understanding of the target species in terms of their habits, biology and the legislation affecting their treatment. An integrated approach is used, which combines things like removal of suitable habitat through proofing and education to prevent the amount of food available. We also use falconry against nuisance birds, creating the perceived threat of a predatory bird of prey in them in order to disrupt their behavioural patterns and therefore cause them to disperse from the target location. We use expertly trained birds from birth for this that are able to deter nuisance birds quickly and efficiently on-site without wasting any time or settling up equipment. Large flocks, however, have behavioural patterns that are reinforced by their numbers, making falconry alone unsuitable to treat the problem.

Flock reduction can be achieved by either cage trapping or culling of roosting birds by shooting. In both cases there are strict rules which must be followed, and criteria which must be met, before this can even be carried out, and should only be attempted by those with experience and and expertise in this area.

If culling by shooting is required this is only done by BPCA trained professionals within legal requirements and rigorously self-imposed codes of good practice. Before a shot is fired a detailed environmental risk assessment is carried out, and consultation occurs with the relevant police force and client advice is followed in terms of logistical implications.

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