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Bird Control Services in London
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Bird Control Services in London

Van Vynck Bird Control is a specialist department within the company dealing exclusively with nuisance bird management.

Bird Control Services

Nuisance birds such as gulls and feral pigeons can cause a wide range of problems. From creating nests on rooftops which obstruct maintenance teams from reaching electrical equipment to fouling on buildings which can cause thousands of pounds’ worth of damage, nuisance bird activity can easily grow into a large-scale problem.

Van Vynck Bird Control is a specialist department within the company dealing exclusively with nuisance bird management. We are pioneers of specialist techniques such as the use of predatory species (falconry) to displace and interrupt behavioural patterns as well as offering a complete range of physical deterrents.

Within our falconry programme, we have 40 expertly trained birds from birth, purely used for pest control and extensively trained to work obediently and efficiently in public areas.

The programme uses hawks and falcons to give the nuisance bird (usually feral pigeons) a constant threat from a predatory bird of prey. The freedom of movement of these birds means that they can track pigeons quickly in the site, eliminating wasted time using multi-person teams and setting up/packing away equipment.

Once a constant threat has been established, the nuisance bird will abandon its nesting, roosting and feeding sites and look elsewhere, allowing for the removal of its nests.

When it comes to physical deterrents, we are experts in bird proofing installations and will always use the most efficient, cost-effective and impactful method with no-nonsense guarantees so you can rest easy knowing that your nuisance bird problem is being effectively treated.

With our wealth of experience, we’ll be able to accurately monitor nuisance bird activity, identifying all the breeding, roosting and feeding sites within the area as well as breeding patterns and behavioural patterns in order to implement a programme at the best possible time.

We edge our competitors by being able to offer a complete range of bird control techniques without having to rely on outsourcing. This enables us to respond instantly to changes in site conditions or behaviour. When we implement a program of bird management we will provide whatever is required to ensure absolute minimal activity within the original costs.

We offer a variety of different programmes, ranging from full integrated bird management programmes to specialist cleaning or proofing services. After an initial site survey, we’ll advise you on which programme we think is best to use, never suggesting a programme that is overkill for your nuisance bird problem nor a programme that under-treats it.

Watch a short video describing our approach to dealing with nuisance pigeons with an integrated bird management program.

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