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Rat Control London

A carrier of common diseases such as salmonella and tuberculosis, rats pose a serious health risk, and professional control is always recommended

Rat Pest Control Services

Rats are one of the most recognisable pests, the most common species in the UK being Rattus Norvegicus - the brown rat. They seek areas that give them food, water and warmth, the ideal shelter being a combination of all three in plentiful supply. While settling into these areas and making them homes, they introduce a wealth of problems.

Usually, rats tend to look for shelter during rainy or cold months, making them a more common pest during the winter season. They can enter areas such as homes, restaurants and commercial warehouses, gnawing through most materials present (e.g plastic, wood bricks, electrical wiring) and creating small crevices from which to live and breed in over time.

Why Control?

A rat infestation can create some very serious problems, both for households and businesses, that can have some very damaging long-lasting effects if not treated. Rats tend to communicate and mark their territory through urination and can spread diseases such as Salmonella and Leptospirosis (Weil’s Disease) to humans through their faeces and bites. This spread of disease can be widely increased through the contamination of food in homes and restaurants, an increasing number of people that come into contact with the pathogens.

Rats like to constantly gnaw things and, with their sharp teeth, this can cause extensive property damage throughout the affected location very quickly, even resulting in serious health hazards through the gnawing of electrical wiring or through water and gas pipes.

As rats are one of the most noticeable and frightening pests to spot in public, they can be very damaging to a business’s reputation and can even result in businesses being shut down, especially in the catering and hospitality industry. Here, they are one of the most notorious pests with the ability to contaminate food preparation areas and scare customers, resulting in a severely damaging effect on business.

Our Approach

After an initial site survey where we look at the causes of the problem, the extent of the damage and the most efficient and cost-effective method, we’ll provide a detailed report of the above as well as our recommended rodent control program with an estimated timeframe.

We manage your rodent control program through service visits carried out at 4-week intervals which easily surpass the industry norm. Through this approach, we can minimise the use of pesticides whilst maintaining pest-free conditions.

We provide no-nonsense guarantees in respect of our ongoing maintenance programs as well as one-off intensive baiting programs.

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