Pigeon Pest Control Services in London

Pigeon Pest Control Services in London
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Pigeon Pest Control Services in London

The most common nuisance bird species in our towns and cities the feral pigeon Columba livia causes considerable damage to buildings and poses a real risk to the health of those who use them.

Pigeon Pest Control Services

Most Feral pigeons are blue-grey with a white rump although there are many colour variations. They have iridescent feathers on head and neck and two broad black bars across each wing and a broad dark band across the end of the tail.

Why Control?

Feral pigeons can be very damaging to buildings and their occupants. Their fouling is very corrosive and unsightly. It harbours and sustains infestations of flying and biting insects and mites and poses a serious health risk, in particular respiratory and intestinal infections caused by bacteria and fungal spores. Bird fouling is also very slippery when wet posing a potential hazard on footpaths steps etc.

Watch a short video describing our approach to dealing with nuisance pigeons with an integrated bird management program.

Our Approach

It is illegal to use pesticides against any species of bird in the UK and therefore successful bird control requires an approach aimed more towards a management of the problem rather than an attempt at eradication.

We start by surveying the location and produce a report detailing all relevant information and from this we provide recommendations which are tailored to offer the most effective solution to the problem.

Understanding the often complex behavioural patterns of feral pigeons is crucial in implementing measures aimed at controlling them. We have a proven track record and systems developed over 25 years making us the number one choice for all nuisance bird related issues.

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Since using Van Vynck to eradicate fowling wood pigeons on site, I have seen a vast improvement within a very short space of time. Not only have they saved me money on expensive jet washing services they have also made the site a safe and above all a clean environment to work in. I would highly recommend Van Vynck Bird Control for your business.

Lawrence Styles Savills

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