Mice Pest Control in London

Mice Pest Control in London
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Mice Pest Control in London

A widespread pest throughout the UK, mice are capable of causing serious health problems especially during the Autumn and Winter months

Mice Pest Control

Our Approach

Mice are some of the most common pests across London and can cause a wide range of problems, from spreading multiple harmful diseases to infecting food supplies, leaving droppings and damaging buildings and wiring.

Colder and darker seasons such as autumn and winter are when most mice tend to create habitats in warm places with food supplies close by. This makes them one of the most notorious pests to control within restaurants and commercial storage units, being able to severely damage hygiene standards and reputations and even having the power to shut businesses down.

When dealing with any pest, at Van Vynck we always start with an initial site survey to assess the problem across multiple factors such as the cause of the problem, the severity, what methods are best to use for the location and an initial timeframe. We compile this information into a report that clearly explains our proposed solution and the reasons behind it.

We provide rodent control programmes varying from longer, more regular maintenance programmes as well as one-off intensive baiting programmes. With over 30 years’ experience in pest control, we’ve worked in a variety of different areas and projects, with some taking a week or less and others being large scale, multi-year projects.

Maintenance problems are usually perfect for when mice are a recurring problem despite previous attempts to remove them, often with multiple habitats around or near the site. Intensive baiting programmes look to remove a mice infestation that’s on a short scale, where it won’t be a reoccurring issue.

We manage your rodent control program through service visits carried out at 4-week intervals which easily surpass the industry norm. Through this approach, we can minimise the use of pesticides whilst maintaining pest-free conditions.

Everything we do is in-house, with fully qualified, experienced and equipped teams. We don’t sub-contract or hire in additional parties, meaning that communication with you will always be clear and instant, with every action being reported as and when it happens.

We provide no-nonsense guarantees in respect of our ongoing maintenance programs as well as one-off intensive baiting programs.

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