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Gull Pest Control in London

Gulls have steadily increased in significance as a nuisance bird species in our towns and cities over the past 5 -10 years

Gull Pest Control Services

There are two main species in the UK which are problematic to humans, particularly during the breeding season. They are the Herring Gull - Larus argentatus and the Great black-backed gull - Larus marinus.

These are large, noisy gulls found throughout the year around our coasts and inland around rubbish tips, fields, large reservoirs and lakes, especially during winter. The Herring gull is most commonly associated with nesting in urban locations, although all three species will nest on the roofs and features of buildings. Once these species find a suitable location to breed, nest and locate food, they can be notoriously difficult to remove from the area and can start to create many different types of problems.

Why Control

All Gull species can become aggressive when competing for food and particularly during the breeding season when it is not uncommon for humans to be attacked if nest sites are disturbed. Roosting gulls also deposit large amounts of fouling which is damaging to buildings, contains harmful bacteria and is extremely slippery when wet. Regular fouling on walls and windows can create an unsightly environment and can be extremely expensive to regularly clean if nuisance gull activity is left untreated.

If not controlled in the proper way, the size of a gull colony can increase exponentially and become increasingly difficult to manage. As the colony size increases, so will the breeding sites and overall area the gulls will take over. This will present numerous problems such as blocking access to electrical equipment for maintenance teams, creating a hazardous environment both in domestic housing as well as public buildings, effecting a building’s residents as well as employees and consumers entering every day.

Large gull colonies can also delay multi-year projects and renovations, restricting access for workers and damaging equipment. Even a small delay can cause a domino effect that can lead to further setbacks, scheduling problems, increased spending and an ever-increasing gull population on the project site.

Our Approach

All species of Gulls are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act and any measures to control them must be carried out under the strict provisions contained with the relevant general license.

Successfully controlling a population of nuisance Gulls centres around managing their nesting season and this requires careful planning.

We’re experienced in monitoring gull breeding patterns and developing a programme which is executed at the most ideal time of the year. This is extremely difficult to do without professional experience and training and can even be illegal if incorrect methods are used and the wrong type of nest is removed (i.e the nest of a different species), or the correct licenses have not been obtained.

Following a free survey of the affected location, we will provide a detailed report and action plan aimed at restricting roosting or nesting behaviour through tried and tested techniques.

We offer a range of services from proofing measures, hawking and specialised cleaning services to full pest control programmes, designed to prevent successful gull breeding from occurring. We have multiple teams of fully qualified and passionate individuals, using all in-house equipment. This means that we do not have to rely on outsourcing as is common in our industry, ensuring that communication with you is always clear.

With over 30 years of experience of Gull and Pest Control in London and the Southeast, we’ve worked in many different locations and have met many forms of nuisance bird activity. We take pride in our work and ensure that we’re always giving you a professional, efficient and cost-effective service.

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