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Flying Insects Services in London

Flying insects can cause a nuisance in both the home and work place, so effective control is essential to prevent contamination

Flying Insect Services

Flying insects can be more than just an inconvenience and flies such as blue bottles or even the common housefly can contaminate foodstuffs.

Businesses such as restaurants and commercial warehouses make ideal sites for flying insects due to their warmth, space and plentiful food supply, especially during the cold winter months. This accommodates the incredibly fast breeding cycle of many flying insects, such as blue bottles and tropical warehouse moths, which are both common pests in food-related areas, breeding within days of finding a food source then retreating into hidden crevices in order to pupate.

Contaminated food by flying insects such as house flies, can pass on multiple different diseases such as intestinal worms, dysentery, gastro-enteritis, typhoid, cholera and tuberculosis. This affects areas with a lack of regular waste removal or cleaning, whether in business locations or houses, causing these insects to feed on decaying food and fecal matter, rapidly spreading disease to different places, through their speed and numbers.

Many of the moth species can cause considerable damage to fabrics and carpets.

Within homes and textiles business, flying pests such as the common clothes moth are located often seeking dark, sheltered environments and damage materials found in clothes and sheets as well as woven fibre, fur and feather products.

Stinging insects such as wasps can be a serious problem for those who are sensitive or allergic to their stings.

The most common stinging insects are bees and wasps, each with their own distinct life cycles, habits and treatment methods. Handling one case from another would completely depend on the location, the severity of the bite and how settled in the bees/wasps are (i.e is there a wasp’s nest and how large is it?).

Our Approach

We always start with an initial site survey, looking at factors such as what type of flying insect it is, the cause of the problem, the damage and what the best treatment would be. We provide a detailed, tailored report covering these areas with recommendations on the best treatment and timeframe.

Due to the multiple types of flying insects we deal with, there can be a variety of causes from decaying food or materials, damage to buildings, leaving internal warm spaces exposed, or even from other pests such as birds or rats. Understanding how and why the problem exists allows us to ensure that it does not return in the future.

Our services include insect proofing, specialised cleaning and removal of waste, quarantine, removal of nests and details of preventing further problems from arising with recommendations of the best products to use. We also include a fully integrated pest management programme that combines multiple services and is designed to work in relation to the behaviour of the pest.

With over 30 year’s experience in pest control, our teams are fully qualified and equipped to ensure that your pest problem is properly controlled and removed. We do not outsource, meaning that we work with maximum efficiency at minimal cost and our communication is always clear with each other and yourself, ensuring that you’re always up to date and fully understand what’s happening.

We provide a range of effective and guaranteed treatments against a variety of flying insects:

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