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Restaurant Rat Control London

When eating in a restaurant, you expect the place to be spick and span.

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There should be nothing that makes you think that cleanliness isn’t the restaurants’ top priority. So, if you are the owner of a restaurant in London and are looking to make sure that your customers feel the same way about your restaurant, look no further than our company.

We specialise in making sure that there are no rats in your kitchen and that your place remains hygienic and clean. We specialise in all types of pest control but here, the focus being rats, we will let you know of the services we provide.

Our Services

Approaching pest control in a commercial kitchen requires a professional approach, and should not be attempted by those without a complete understanding of the subject.

Here are some services we offer that may make you understand why we are the best option for rat control in London.

1. Initial Survey

We perform initial surveys of the infected area. Here we look at multiple things, such as looking at the species of pest present, the extent of the problem and what the contributory factors may be, such as housekeeping or obvious ingress routes.

2. Make a Plan

Now that we are aware of and have assessed the situation at hand, we just make sure that we have a plan at hand. This means that we first figure out how we want to go about with the pest control and then actually carry on with the plan.

Within the plan comes the reassurance of the fact that the entire pest control activity would be cost-effective to our clients. We don’t want to burden them with extreme prices. That is why we offer rat control solutions at affordable prices.

3. The Service

Your fully trained and qualified pest expert will then work closely with you and your staff to ensure that your premises are as unfriendly to rodents as possible. Service visits will typically take place every four weeks, or more frequently if activity is discovered, and will come with a full call out facility if activity is discovered between scheduled visits.

4. Final Report

At the end of every service visit a full report will be produced and discussed with you or your representative. The reports will include information on any activity found and the treatment which was used to control it. Any site related issues will be highlighted and included in the report as recommendations, and can be escalated up the management chain if required. With these services, we make sure that your restaurant is first-class in cleanliness and hygiene. So, when in doubt, and in London, call us.

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