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Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to advise you how to reduce your individual premises susceptibility to pest problems

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Offices can have a broad range of pest problems and these depend on various factors such as:

  • The nature of the business and therefore how the offices are used
  • The office location, i.e. city, industrial park, rural, etc.
  • The office building itself so the type of construction, condition and age
  • Whether food is served and/or stored on the premises

Due to these factors, our approach includes a careful assessment to determine where pest problems could pose a risk.

There are many different types of pests that are best suited to different conditions. For example, offices, where food is served or stored, make ideal targets for pests such as mice, rats, flying incests and cockroaches as these pests love to target warm areas with food sources, such as office spaces based in restaurants. Other pests, such as gulls or feral pigeons will target offices in tall buildings which are located in urban areas, such as cities.

Pests can present a problem in office spaces both internally and externally. Rats and cockroaches can spread disease through contaminating food supplies or hygiene spaces (i.e toilets) whereas feral pigeons and gulls can create nests on rooftops, causing disruptions to electrical equipment and preventing maintenance crews getting access, creating hazardous working conditions.

This means that, during our assessment, we’ll look at potential causes of pest problems and, if present, what kind of pests are onsite, the severity of the situation and which method is best to tackle the problem, providing an initial pest management programme.

Our pest control technicians will perform a regular review of your premises to search for signs of pest activity and check bait stations, etc.

From this we can make sure that we’re up to date with any developments regarding pests and so if anything does arise, we can treat the problem before it starts to become more widespread or severe.

We have a range of methods for dealing with different sorts of pests and are fully equipped to handle each situation, with an experienced and qualified team ready. This also means that we do not outsource any work, ensuring that communication with you is clear.

Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to advise you how to reduce your individual premises susceptibility to pest problems.

We’ve worked in a huge variety of office spaces and can recommend the best products or methods to best suit your premises, taking into account factors such as what building materials have been used, what kind of area your premises are located in, what purpose the office is used for and any previous history of pests.

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