Pest Control for Hotels in London

Pest Control for Hotels in London
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Pest Control for Hotels in London

Reputation is crucial in the hotel industry and it doesn't take much to lose a good reputation due to a lack of pest control and prevention

Pest Control for Hotels in London

We work in partnership with you to provide a rapid response to counter any immediate pest control problems, but we also encourage a pro-active approach to pest control.

Working in a more holistic capacity, we advise our customers how to identify the early signs of pest control problems and how to manage their premises such that pest control problems are far less likely to arise, this can also include the training of staff to identify the early signs of a pest control issue.

Hotels face a broad range of pest controls threats:

Guest Rooms

By far the largest threat to hotels is that posed by Bed Bugs (Cimex lectularius) and similar biting insects. Bed bugs are common throughout the world but tend to arise more often in hotels frequented by large numbers of international travellers or those that frequently move between hotels.

Key to the pest control response to bed bugs is taking action promptly. Early detection and employing pest control measures immediately will ensure the bed bugs do not spread to other rooms.

Kitchen and Dining Areas

A proactive approach to pest control is essential and is expected by Foods Standards Agency inspectors. Whilst there are a broad range of pests that could pose a problem the most common pest problems are usually flies, mice, rats and cockroaches.

As with any pest control problem a prompt response is essential to ensure the problem doesn't escalate and or spread from food storage and preparation areas to dining areas where it can cause alarm to customers.

Other Internal Pest Problems

Other areas of hotels are generally less susceptible to pest problems but as a precaution should be subject to regular inspections and form part of your service plan.

External Pest Problems

We can work with you to address any other pest control issues that may arise at your premises. Exterior risks could include mice and rats in exterior dining areas or near refuse and waste facilities. We also have a specialised bird control team who can resolve any issues related to the activity of bird pests such as pigeons and gulls.

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