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With over 25 years extensive experience in pest control, we are able to assess and advise you how to contain and then deal with any pest infestation in your commercial premises

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Do you own and operate a commercial business? Does this business use commercial premises for handling customers or processing inventory? If so, then you need to eliminate any pests which might be lurking on the property.

You’ll find pests in warehouses, outbuildings, storage units, restaurant kitchens, garages, closets, and any other type of place you can think of. Some of the most common pests you will find are rodents, bats, birds and insects. It all depends on the type of commercial operation you run and where it is located.

The main reason to eliminate pests is to prevent the chance of them spreading diseases. Even though it is an unpleasant sight to see pests crawling and flying around your property, it would be even more unpleasant if they were to spread diseases to you or anyone else on your property.

Besides, there are several legal requirements regarding the level of cleanliness you’re supposed to maintain on a commercial property. If you were to have a surprise health inspection by the local authorities and they discover rats crawling around on your commercial floor, then it could mean a major citation or a temporary shutdown of your business. This could end up scaring away customers after they find out the reason why your business was shut down.

Therefore, a commercial pest control service is a very good investment for any business owner to make. You can ensure that your premises remain free of any nasty pests so that you can protect the health of your employees and customers. There will be hardly any disruption to the normal daily activities of your business either. The pest control technicians can simply evaluate the property, set up required provisions, and directly eliminate any pests that are found.

Van Vynck has more than 25 years of experience in commercial pest control. We’re confident you will be pleased with work that we can provide for you.

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