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When we think of the risks from pests at heritage sites and tourist attractions, we often think only of the damage insects can cause to artefacts in museums and stately homes.

Tourist Attractions in open spaces such as amusements, fairs, carnivals and the circus are also prone to rodents as there is often a tremendous amount of litter, no matter how fastidious you are and where there is food, there are usually rats.

You must not forget the damage that rodent’s in particular can cause, not only to collections, but also to the buildings in which they are contained. The majority of damage caused by rodent species, such as the common (brown) rat, the house mouse and grey squirrel, is due to their need to constantly gnaw on items and objects. Rodents can easily damage buildings and items by simply ‘chewing them up’ in the process of wearing their teeth back.

It is also worth remembering that rodents carry diseases, and you have a responsibility to your staff and members of the public to provide a pest free environment where they are not in danger of contracting potentially deadly infections and disease. If you have an eating establishment on your site, you also risk being closed down by Environmental Health officials if activity from disease-carrying pests is not controlled and eradicated.

Due to each of these factors our approach includes a careful site assessment to determine where pest problems are already apparent and where they could pose a future risk. Our pest control technicians will perform a regular review of your premises to search for signs of pest activity and check bait stations, etc., working with you to cause as little disruption as possible.

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