The Business Impact of Bird Infestations

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Why Essex Companies Should Take Heed

Have bird infestations impacted your business in Essex? If so, it wouldn’t be the only one affected because several Essex companies deal with the dreadful consequences of bird infestations.

Bird infestations may seem like no big deal at first. Perhaps you notice several cute pigeons and gulls flying around and perching on your rooftop. Well, as innocent as they may seem, you still have to take caution because those birds can cause several devastating problems for your business and its customers.

Here are the top three problems that bird infestations will cause Essex businesses:

1) Contamination

Birds can easily contaminate a commercial property, especially restaurants serving food and beverage products. Not only can birds spread harmful diseases to humans, but they can also drop faeces on the property.

Your customers would probably not appreciate seeing bird faeces all over the place when they come to visit your business. But more importantly, they could get sick from being too close to it. Then, your business could be found liable in civil court for their illness.

2) Reputation

Bird infestations can ruin your company’s reputation with the public. If too many customers experience unpleasant situations or health issues from stepping foot on your commercial property, they will leave negative reviews for your business online. So, to save your company’s reputation, you need to eliminate this potential risk immediately.

3) Property Damage

Feral birds can cause property damage if you are not careful. They like to chew on electrical wiring and build their nests in the gutters of rooftops. Nests can clog gutters and prevent rainwater from leaving the rooftop safely. If that happens, your business could suffer roof damage and water damage.

Contact a Bird Control Specialist

Now is the time to take action. Don’t wait for your business to suffer the consequences outlined above. Otherwise, repairing the property damage and settling potential lawsuits from affected customers will cost you even more money.

Van Vynck is a reputable bird control company in Essex. Call us at 0808 501 5842 to arrange an appointment for a site evaluation of your Essex commercial property. Our pest control technicians will devise a viable and humane solution for your company’s bird infestation problem.

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