Innovative Bird Control Techniques

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Blending Efficiency with Humanity in Essex

Essex has strict rules and regulations regarding the removal of birds from commercial and residential properties. Even though bird infestations can cause financial and health problems for Essex business owners and homeowners, you are not allowed to harm the birds in any way. Otherwise, you could face legal penalties and fines.

Fortunately, innovative bird control techniques are available to eliminate bird infestations effectively and efficiently without harming the birds. The top three innovative bird control techniques are below:

1) Sound Bird Deterrents

Property owners can buy special devices that generate the sounds of predator calls to scare away feral birds. All you have to do is install the device in the area of your property where you don’t want birds to go, such as your rooftop or garden. The distress sounds may help deter birds away.

2) Ultrasonic Bird Repellents

Ultrasonic bird-repellent devices produce unique sound frequencies that only birds can hear. Feral birds will want to fly away from these frequencies because they will scare them. Don’t worry, though, because they will not harm the birds.

3) Electric Bird Deterrents

Electric bird deterrents send harmless electric pulses every few seconds to deter birds from a particular spot, such as a ledge, roof, or beam. The electric aspect of the device does not shock the bird or anything like that. It generates an electric pulse to drive away birds without harming them.

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