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Tailored Bird Control Solutions for Essex Properties

Essex-based historic sites and modern buildings have one thing in common. They are both susceptible to bird infestations and the consequences that follow.

If you manage or own a historic site or modern building in Essex, you must request professional pest control services immediately. A pest control company like Van Vynck can implement tailored bird control solutions to eliminate the bird infestation problem safely and humanely before it worsens.

Here are the top three tailored bird control solutions available to property owners in Essex.

1) Bird Spikes

Bird spikes might sound dangerous to birds, but they are deterrents installed on rooftops and edges. Since birds generally nest and perch on rooftops, roof spikes help prevent birds from wanting to land on them.

Bird spikes will not hurt the birds. They are physical barriers blocking the place where the birds normally land. So, they are perfectly humane to use.

2) Netting

Netting is another popular bird control solution for Essex properties. It is also a physical barrier to stop birds from landing in undesirable places. You could install netting on rooftops, but they are more effective for areas closer to the ground, such as gardens and hedges.

3) Predatory Birds

Another exciting bird control solution is setting predatory birds into the air to chase after the feral birds in the area. Falcons and hawks are two examples of predatory birds which can scare away pigeons and gulls.

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