The Science Behind Bird Deterrents

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How Modern Solutions Keep Birds at Bay

Bird deterrents have existed for a long time. But the newest ones have become much more sophisticated over the last few decades. Now, property owners can utilize everything from primitive physical barriers to audio and visual technological solutions to deter birds.

Here are the top three modern solutions for keeping birds at bay.

1) Ultrasonic Waves

One popular modern solution for bird control is ultrasonic wave technology. Professional bird control specialists like Van Vynck can use ultrasonic devices or bird distress call generators to emit high-frequency sounds to intimidate and deter birds.

Humans cannot hear these ultrasonic waves, but birds can. They will make birds feel scared and uncomfortable enough to fly away and go somewhere else to distance themselves from the sounds.

2) Electromagnetic Fields

Advanced new technology can create an invisible electromagnetic force field around your home or business to confuse nearby birds and deter them from landing, roosting, and nesting on your structure.

Electromagnetic deterrents are safe and cause no harm to birds. However, the effectiveness of the electromagnetic fields can vary based on the bird species in question.

3) Visual Deterrents

All kinds of innovative visual deterrents exist to scare birds away from properties. Some popular ones include spinners, reflective attachments, artificial birds of prey, intimidating balloons, and other visual deterrent technologies.

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