The Importance of Ethical Bird Control

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Why Harm-Free Solutions Matter

Bird infestations are a common problem for commercial and domestic property owners throughout the United Kingdom. Uncontrolled bird infestations could lead to property damage, disease spreading, clogged gutters, slip-and-fall accidents, and structural damage.

However, property owners must be careful when eliminating and preventing bird infestations on their properties because many wild bird species, such as gulls and pigeons, are protected under UK national law. You must engage in ethical bird control to prevent harming the birds while still removing them from your property.

Here are the top reasons to practice ethical bird control techniques:

Avoid Legal Penalties

The Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 makes it a crime to harm certain species of birds, including pigeons and gulls. Anyone caught killing or injuring pigeons and gulls on their UK properties can face stiff monetary penalties and sometimes even jail time.

For this reason alone, it would be wise to start practicing ethical bird control to avoid the risk of facing legal penalties.

Protect the Environment

The threats to the natural environment have never been more significant. When practicing ethical bird control, you avoid contaminating your environment with poisons and toxic chemicals that could potentially impact other wildlife.

Ethical bird control methods like bird spikes and netting are effective deterrents that pose no environmental risk. Plus, they will ensure that endangered bird species can continue to live and grow their populations with less risk of extinction.


Only a professional pest control company like Van Vynck is qualified to remove bird pests without harm. Call us at 0808 501 5767 for more information and to request a free site survey of the birds on your UK property.

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