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How Landscape Choices Can Naturally Deter Birds

Did you know one of the most natural bird deterrent methods is your landscaping choice? Most property owners do not consider how their landscaping choices affect their bird population, but they do. Proper landscaping can determine whether you have a low or high bird population on your property.

Below are three effective landscape choices for naturally deterring bird nuisances from your commercial or residential property in the United Kingdom.

1) Onion and Garlic Plants

Birds naturally hate plants with strong or unusual scents, such as onion and garlic plants. Some homeowners will plant garlic bulbs and onions in different parts of their gardens and yards to deter birds away from them. They are effective deterrents for protecting areas around your yard or structure with the highest bird landing and nesting risks.

2) Install Reflective Deterrents in Plants and Soil

Reflective deterrents are visual deterrents containing reflective surfaces. Blowing wind will move the reflective surfaces, tricking the birds into thinking they are predators. The birds will fly away from those reflective surfaces out of fear.

You can install reflective deterrents anywhere in your yard to scare away birds.

3) Plant Daffodils in Your Yard

Birds typically fly away from bright-coloured plants containing yellow or white colours because they stand out more to predators. Planting spark flowers or daffodils in your yard can help you achieve this goal.

Furthermore, daffodils contain a natural bird deterrent chemical named “lycorine.” Birds instinctively detect and stay away from this chemical.

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