Bird Control Challenges and The Best Ways to Overcome Them

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Common Bird Control Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Bird Control

Commercial and residential property owners face several common bird control challenges in the United Kingdom. They must determine the best ways to remove and deter birds without harming or killing them.

Property owners can face hefty fines and penalties if caught harming any birds. For this reason, the primary challenge for property owners is removing and deterring birds safely and lawfully.

Below are the top bird control challenges and the best ways to overcome them.

Block the Food Sources

Birds eat all kinds of small organic elements of nature, such as fruit, berries, seeds, insects, eggs, fish, larvae, worms, and sometimes even small mammals. Many of these elements exist on properties, which means the challenge is to remove or block access to these food sources for the birds.

You could try removing any visible food sources like berries and fruits. Other than that, you could add bird netting to the areas of the property where birds like to feed the most.

Prevent Nesting in Gutters

How often do you clean your gutters? Birds love building their nests in the gutters of homes and buildings. But since cleaning the gutters requires climbing a ladder up to the roof, many people do not even bother doing it.

A professional bird control specialist could install bird spikes and netting to deter birds away from your rooftop, ledges, and gutters. Then you will no longer have a bird nesting problem in your gutters.


The gist of safe and effective bird control is installing barriers and deterrents. Contact Van Vynck at 0808 168 9447 to request a professional installation of barriers and deterrents like bird netting and spikes.

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