Removing and Preventing Bird Infestations Without Causing Harm to any Birds

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Bird Control Strategies: Which Approach is Right for You?


Do you need an effective bird control strategy for your commercial or residential property? Bird control is necessary to prevent property damage and disease but must be executed safely and lawfully.

Here are the top four bird control strategies for removing and preventing bird infestations without causing harm to any birds:

1) Ultrasonic Waves

Ultrasonic waves are the latest innovative and harmless bird control method in the United Kingdom. An ultrasonic device emits invisible waves to deter birds from a property. That way, they will not feel compelled to invade and nest on the property.

2) Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are popular deterrents installed on rooftops and ledges to prevent birds from landing, nesting, or perching. The spikes harm no birds because they are used to scare away the birds rather than harm them.

3) Bird Netting

Bird netting is a barrier cover installed on gutters and roofs to stop birds from landing, nesting, and perching on them. It is similar to bird spikes, except the netting is more appropriate for protecting your gutters.

4) Predators

A more extreme but effective bird control method is to unleash predatory birds to scare away the common feral pigeons and gulls. The best predatory birds are hawks and falcons.


One or more bird control solutions can effectively keep birds out of your property. Then you do not have to worry about bird droppings, property damage, or disease on your property.

Hiring a professional bird control company like Van Vynck to install these preventative bird control solutions is the most logical first step to protecting your property from bird infestations. Call 0808 168 9447 to request a free site survey today.

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