Bird Control Solutions to Remove Bird Infestations and Protect the Environment Simultaneously

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Bird Control and the Environment: Balancing Effective Solutions with Conservation

Flying Birds

UK laws exist to protect most birds. Even though feral birds can spread disease to humans and cause property damage, they also benefit the environment.

For instance, birds help spread seeds to various locations, which allows plants to grow in new areas. They also greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes, rats, and other insects and rodents. Therefore, bird control must incorporate safety and conservation practices to ensure birds remain unharmed when removing and deterring them from properties.

Here are the top bird control solutions to remove bird infestations and protect the environment simultaneously:

Bird Netting

Bird netting is one effective bird control method incorporating bird conservation and safety. The bird net is simply a barrier that covers the roof and gutters of a home or business. No birds are harmed when flying near the netting because it merely deters them from landing and nesting on the rooftop and gutters.

Bird Spikes

Despite the name, bird spikes are harmless because they are not meant to injure the birds in any way. Instead, the bird spikes are placed on the edges of roofs to deter birds away and prevent them from landing, perching, and nesting.

No birds will even attempt to land in an area with spikes. So, the bird spikes remain a safe and effective way to control birds on your property.

Call a Professional

Do you need a professional bird control provider to safely remove and deter birds on your property? Van Vynck knows how to balance effective bird control solutions with conservation practices.

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