The Importance of Bird Control: Protecting Your Property and Health

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Birds are beautiful creatures of the sky, but they can cause potential health and safety issues.


Feral pigeons have the potential to clog gutters with their fouling, nests and spread disease. Property owners should worry about bird infestations because they can cause property damage, personal injuries if left untreated and even health issues.

Here are the top reasons to hire a bird control service to protect your property and more importantly your health from bird pests and their nests.

Protect People from Disease

Feral pigeons often spread disease to humans after they come in close contact with their bird droppings. Since these feral birds often leave droppings on cars, walkways, and roofs, people inadvertently expose themselves to bird droppings regularly. Unfortunately, this exposure may cause them to contract a severe disease from the droppings.

Psittacosis, commonly referred to as ornithoses, is a disease prominent in birds, including pigeons. It is caused by the bacterium c. psittaci which is highly infectious and able to spread rapidly. Once transmitted to humans, the bacteria develops into a disease known as psittacosis.

Bird control services can remove and deter birds from properties to stop their droppings and diseases from spreading.

Prevent Property Damage

Birds love to build their nests on rooftops and inside gutters. The latter is not a good place for bird nesting because it can clog the gutters and prevent rainwater from draining down the drain pipe. Once that happens, it could flood water onto the ground and rooftop and cause significant damage to the roofing and structure.

Bird control services will remove nests from the roof and gutters to ensure rainwater can drain properly. They may also stop birds from damaging electrical wiring and other unexpected areas of your property.

Hire Van Vynck

Van Vynck is a trusted bird control service provider serving commercial and residential properties. Our bird control services are the best solution if you want to protect the people on your property while preventing property damage.

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