Creating Bird-Friendly Urban Spaces: Balancing Conservation and Control

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Do you want to create a bird-friendly urban space on your property?


If you have a property frequently accommodating customers, guests, or other people, it is essential to maintain bird control without actually hurting the birds.

Remember that it is against the law to harm birds to remove them from your property. So if you want to maintain proper bird control on your property while maintaining a bird-friendly urban space, you must balance bird conservation and control.

Here are three ways to create bird-friendly urban spaces on your property.

1) Set Up Safe Deterrents

Bird spikes and netting are helpful and safe bird deterrents. If you set up spikes and netting around your urban space, you can keep birds safe while controlling them. Most bird control professionals like Van Vynck can install these deterrents on your rooftops and other areas for you.

2) Avoid Using Harmful Chemicals and Pesticides

Avoid using toxic chemicals and pesticides outside your urban space because those toxic ingredients could harm birds. It is best to stick with toxic-free and chemical-free pesticides if possible.

3) Maintain a Clean Property

Birds may want to feast on the organic waste left outside on your urban property. So to keep away the birds, you should do whatever you can to maintain a clean property by removing all waste elements from the ground.


Van Vynck is a professional bird control company specialising in balancing bird conservation and control when removing and deterring birds. We use safe and lawful bird control methods to ensure no harm is inflicted upon birds. That is how we conserve birds while controlling them simultaneously.

Contact us at 0808 501 5604 for more information about our techniques for balancing bird conservation and control.

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