Common Bird Species and Their Control Methods

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Gulls and pigeons are the two most common bird species infesting residential and commercial properties in the United Kingdom.


Property owners must take safe and lawful action to remove bird infestations before the birds cause property damage and spread disease to people on the properties.

Here are the top four bird control methods to eliminate and prevent common bird species like gulls and pigeons from infesting your property.

1) Bird Spikes

One of the most common bird deterrents is bird spikes. A pest control technician will install bird spikes on the roof to stop birds from perching and nesting there. It is a safe and easy way to prevent clogged gutters from bird nesting so you don’t suffer roof or water damage.

2) Predators

Sometimes releasing a predator against feral pigeons may cause the bird pests to leave the area and stay away from your property. Predators like falcons and hawks can serve this purpose.

3) Ultrasonic Waves

A more sophisticated bird control company may set up an ultrasonic device to deter birds by using invisible ultrasonic waves. Birds will be motivated to move away from the area where the ultrasonic waves emit.

4) Bird Netting

Installing netting over your roof and gutters will create a barrier to prevent birds from landing, perching, and nesting on them.

Bird netting may not be suitable for every property, but it can certainly do an excellent job of blocking birds from a particular space on your property that you don’t want them to inhabit.

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