Bird Control Solutions for Commercial and Industrial Facilities

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Commercial and industrial facilities depend on speed and efficiency to achieve their productivity goals.


However, they cannot maintain safe and productive business practices without dealing with bird infestation issues.

Feral birds like pigeons and gulls could attack people, spread disease, and cause water damage from their nesting. If these activities persist at a commercial or industrial facility, they would likely be out of business at some point.

Bird control solutions are vital for eliminating bird infestation issues and sustaining operations and productivity at commercial and industrial facilities.

Here are the three most effective bird control solutions for commercial and industrial facilities.

1) Bird Netting

Large commercial and industrial facilities can benefit from bird netting because it creates a massive barrier over crop fields, gardens, open manufacturing areas, and any other place where you want to keep birds out.

Bird netting prevents droppings, nesting, and perching on the covered area.

2) Bird Spikes

Bird spikes stop birds from landing, nesting, and roosting on rooftops. The bird control technician will install the bird spikes on the flat ledges of the rooftops to deter birds away from them.

Doing this will avoid noise pollution and water damage from birds at your industrial or commercial facility.

3) Predatory Birds

A more drastic approach to deterring bird pests is to use predatory birds like hawks and falcons to scare them away. Feral pigeons don’t want to go anywhere near hawks and falcons. In fact, they would even be willing to abandon their nests to get away from them.

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