The Dangers of Bird Droppings and How to Control Them

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If you ever notice white substances on your driveways, walkways, cars, roof, or siding, you are witnessing bird droppings.

Most people think of bird droppings as something nasty and annoying but nothing dangerous. However, bird droppings can actually pose significant risks to your property and the health of the people on it.

Here are the top three dangers of bird droppings and the best ways to control them.

1) Spreads Diseases

Bird droppings spread dangerous bacteria and diseases, such as the respiratory disease called Histoplasmosis and the fungal infection Candidiasis.

Some people may suffer minor symptoms if they come in close contact with the bird droppings. On the other hand, immunocompromised people can suffer even more severe health challenges if they get near bird droppings.

2) Causes Estate Property Damage

Your residential or commercial structure could suffer physical damage from birds and bird droppings.

Due to the high uric acid level in bird droppings, your building materials could suffer permanent damage if they stay on them too long.

3) Distorts the Paint Job and Finish

One of the biggest problems from bird droppings is their damage to cars. Not only do bird droppings diminish the aesthetics of an automobile, but they can also leave an imprint on the paint job after the droppings dry up.

Contact a Pest Control Professional

Do you need to remove bird pests from your residential or commercial property safely? Contact Van Vynck for a free site survey at 0808 501 5604.

We can use various techniques to control birds without harming them, such as setting up physical barriers like netting and bird spikes on the property.

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