How to Prevent Birds from Nesting on Your Property

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Do you want to stop birds from nesting on your property?

Bird nests can be annoying and damaging because they can clog gutters, create floods, cause roof damage, encourage the spread of bird droppings, and attract dangerous parasites, mites, and tickets.

You must remove bird nests immediately and safely if your property has them. It is the only way to protect the integrity of your property and prevent the spread of disease.

Here are the top three ways to prevent birds from nesting on your property.

1) Install Bird Spikes on Flat Ledges

Birds like to roost and nest on the flat ledges of buildings. So if you set up spikes on the ledges, they won’t be able to land and build their nests there.

Bird spikes don’t take long to install and are extremely useful for deterring birds and bird nesting.

2) Take Away Food Sources

Don’t leave pieces of food or bird-feeding devices outside on your property. If you have pets, feed them inside your property to avoid the risk of food scraps getting left out.

Contact a Pest Control Professional

Are you struggling to stop birds from nesting on your property? Contact Van Vynck for a free site survey and professional assistance at 0808 501 5604. Our qualified pest control technicians can take special steps to ensure birds don’t nest on your property again.

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