The Ultimate Guide to Bird Pest Control

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Bird pest control is critical for commercial and residential property owners throughout the United Kingdom.

Bird infestations can spread disease, damage property, and cause an overall nuisance. That is why you must take the appropriate steps to remove birds from your property and deter them from returning.

Here are the top three bird control measures to implement.

1) Remove Waste Elements

Birds are attracted to consistent food and water sources on a property, such as open bins and rubbish left out in the open. So make sure your premises are free from rubbish of all kinds, as birds will often spread all kinds of rubbish whilst searching it for food.

2) Install Devices to Deter Birds

Make it more difficult for birds to land and nest on your property. For example, you can set up wires, spikes, and netting to keep them away. These devices won’t cause any harm to the birds, but they will prevent them from nesting in places like gutters and rooftops.

3) Predatory Birds of Prey

Sometimes the best way to scare away nuisance birds is to use predatory birds of prey, such as hawks and falcons. A program can be introduced which will not only provide an initial response to existing activity, it will also provide ongoing preventative control.

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The easiest way to implement bird control measures is to contact a professional pest control company like Van Vynck. We can not only deter birds away, but we can also remove them from your property lawfully and safely.

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