Our Top Tips for Gull Control

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Gull infestations are increasing throughout the United Kingdom.

Since commercial and domestic properties have more food sources and convenient nesting areas, gulls are flocking to these locations in large numbers. They go through different phases each season, but you can still expect them to be a nuisance all year round.

Gull control is critical for maintaining a gull-free property. But you must learn how to implement gull control measures safely, effectively, and lawfully.

Below are the top three tips for gull control.

1) Set Up Deterrents

Deterrents and preventative measures are the best ways to deal with gull infestation problems. The most effective deterrents for gulls are nettings and spikes because they’ll prevent gulls from landing and nesting on your property.

2) Remove Rubbish and Waste

Over recent years changes in agricultural practices and depletion of fishing fleets, has resulted in Gulls becoming more reliant on food waste, particularly in our towns and cities.

Therefore, removing all waste elements is an effective way to keep gulls away from your property, by not attracting them in the first place.

3) Contact a Professional to Remove the Birds

Gulls are protected in law by the wildlife & countryside act 1981, and it is a criminal offense to harm them or their young, or to interfere with their nesting process in any way.

It is essential that work to deter or control gulls is carried out by someone who understands the legislation, to avoid putting you at risk of prosecution.

Contact a professional pest control company like Van Vynck for assistance in dealing with your gull infestation problem. Call 0808 501 5842 to schedule a free site survey today.

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