Familiarise Yourself with Common Pest Birds

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It would be wise to familiarise yourself with the most common pest birds infesting commercial and domestic properties throughout the United Kingdom.

Then you’ll have more insight into the birds invading your property before taking the necessary actions to remove them.

Here are the top three pest birds of UK properties:

1) Gulls

Herring gulls and seagulls love to infest homes and businesses closer to the coastline. Their feather colours often change between seasons, so they aren’t always easy to identify. But their long yellow beaks distinguish them from other birds.

Gulls love properties with waste debris and agricultural land. The best way to deter gulls is to set up spikes, wires, and netting on your property.

2) Pigeons

Pigeons exist in almost every town and city in the United Kingdom, including urban and rural areas. They are particularly dangerous because they commonly spread harmful diseases to humans and droppings behind on properties.

Bird proofing with spikes and nets will eliminate these pests. It would also help to remove waste elements and food from exposure outdoors.

3) Starlings

Starlings love to sit on the ledges of homes and buildings and roost their hearts out. They also have a habit of spreading a lot of droppings all over walkways, cars, and rooftops.

The common nesting areas of starlings are under piles of leaves and wood. So if you have these things on your property, please remove them. Then, install netting and spikes on your ledges to prevent starlings from settling and roosting.

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