5 Methods of Pigeon Control

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Pigeons love to shelter on properties with spaces containing warmth, darkness, food, and water.

The most common places pigeons build nests are gutters, ledges, loft spaces, porches, chimneys and empty buildings. If you don’t keep pigeons away, they can spread disease,and damage property.

Below are the top five methods of pigeon control.

1) Remove Food waste

Clear away all food scraps, particles, and other organic matter from your front yard and backyard, including wood piles. Pigeons love to feast on food waste so removing potential sources of food is a good way of ensuring that you don’t attract them to your premises.

2) Install Barriers

Most pest control companies recommend installing pigeon barriers, such as netting, spikes, and optical gels. They will prevent birds from landing and nesting on common areas like ledges and rooftops.

3) Predatory Birds of Prey

Sometimes the best way to scare away nuisance birds is to use predatory birds of prey, such as hawks and falcons. A program can be introduced which will not only provide an initial response to existing activity, it will also provide ongoing preventative control.

4) Seal Entry Points

Seal areas on your property vulnerable to pigeon infestation, such as damaged fascias and soffits, or missing roof tiles.

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