What Is Bird Spike

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Pest birds can be a big problem when their population is allowed to flourish.

When you have many birds in the area, you have to deal with a lot of unnecessary and annoying noise, bird droppings everywhere and the associated problems of a befouled environment, bad smells, and the risk of being exposed to dangerous bacteria.

It is thus advisable to find ways of quelling their numbers. Bird spikes are a good investment that can help in dealing with this problem. They work by not only providing a physical barrier against the birds but are also a visual deterrent.

They come in varied widths and lengths, meaning you can fit them on any surface, including ledges, TV aerials, and even curved surfaces. They are available in both plastic and steel options and can be fixed using glue, cable ties, nails, or screws.

Birds require several factors to allow them to reproduce. Access to food and water, and a safe place to build nests. Much of this relies on being able to find good places to perch. If the birds can perch, they can scout for food, water and shelter. Where they perch is unfortunately also where they will spend a lot of time defecating.

When bird spikes are strategically installed, they prevent birds from finding places to perch and nest. Being unable to land will then force them to find another place to call home. The size and angling of the spikes can be modified to target certain birds over others.

Most bird spikes are intended to target pigeons and seagulls. Smaller birds like sparrows may not be affected unless they too become a pest problem. If smaller birds are a problem, property owners can opt to install bird spikes with a denser pattern of pins that will also prevent them from perching and nesting.

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