Control the Population of Problem Birds with Netting

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Pest control can become challenging, especially when dealing with animals like birds that may be protected or that would be dangerous to get rid of through the use of pesticides.

One of the most effective solutions for controlling problem bird numbers lies in the use of netting.

Pest birds can be problematic to deal with as they often reproduce quickly. To help reduce and control their numbers, it helps to limit their access to food that would feed this population and allow it to grow.

Netting can be used to prevent birds from accessing food sources like crop fields and gardens. The nets are typically made of tough materials like nylon and low-carbon steel. Nylon is preferred for agricultural areas as it is lightweight and can be easily installed.

There are different ways in which netting can be installed to prevent access to food-rich sources. This includes crop cages, pop-up bird netting, and wire super domes.

Netting can also be used to prevent birds from getting into buildings where they might access food. This can include warehouses where food is stored or roofs where they may be able to hunt other pests or animals. Netting can be a long-lasting solution for building protection as it can be used to create an effective barrier against their entry and block them from accessing areas for nesting.

Netting can also be used for fish protection where the problem birds can dive into the water to catch fish. The netting can be installed in fish farms and ponds, cutting them off from valuable food sources.

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