Rat and Rodent Removal Redbridge

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Rats and rodents love to invade properties that expose food, water, and other organic matter to the open air.


That is why most restaurants, commercial warehouses, and homes deal with rodent infestations. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for rodents to infest these properties once they find something to eat and dark places to inhabit.

Redbridge property owners are obligated to rid their properties of all rats and rodents for the health and safety of everyone who might step foot onto their properties. Since rodents can spread disease and damage utility wiring and pipes, you must eliminate them before it’s too late.

Van Vynck is an experienced rat and removal company in Redbridge. Our pest control technicians have acquired specialised training to remove rodents from properties safely and efficiently. We use advanced rodent removal methods which minimize pesticide usage and maximize results. You can trust our 25+ years of experience in liberating commercial and residential properties of nasty rodents.

Our pest control technicians will conduct a free site inspection upon arrival. We’ll check the areas most susceptible to rodent infestations and report our findings to you afterward. Then, if you want us to remove your rodents, we’ll create a viable control plan to remove the existing rodents and prevent new ones from returning. As a result, you will have a healthy environment without any rodents causing problems again.

Call us at 0808 501 5604 or email us if you want more information on our rat and rodent removal services in Redbridge.

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