Rat and Rodent Removal Lewisham

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Don’t ignore rat infestations on your Lewisham property because rodents can carry and spread dangerous diseases like Salmonella, Well’s Disease, and Tuberculosis.


These highly transmissible diseases can cause severe sickness and death for humans who contract them.

Furthermore, rodents are ugly creatures with the potential to cause all kinds of property damage to your water pipes and electrical wiring. If you don’t eliminate rodents from your property quickly enough, it can lead to devastating consequences for you and anyone else on your property.

The professional solution is to call an experienced pest control company like Van Vynck to remove the rodents from your property in Lewisham. Van Vynck has over two decades of experience eliminating rats and rodents from warehouses, homes, restaurants, industrial facilities, retail stores, and almost every other environment imaginable.

Van Vynck uses safe and effective methods to remove rodents without putting any people in danger. One of our most effective rodent removal methods is our baiting system, which doesn’t emit toxic chemicals or pesticides into the air. Instead, the rats ingest the bait and slowly die from the ingredients. Then we’ll safely remove all the dead rats from the premises as needed.

In addition, we can set up barriers and other preventative measures to stop rodents from returning to your property. It is the best way to maintain a healthy and safe environment for your customers, guests, clients, friends, or family.

Call us at 0808 501 5604 if you want more information on our rodent removal services in Lewisham. We offer free site surveys to all new potential clients.

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