Rat and Rodent Removal Hillingdon

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Do you have rats and rodents on your commercial or residential property in Hillingdon?


If so, you need to do something about it before they cause damage and sickness on your property.

Rats could potentially damage your gas pipes, water pipes, electrical wiring and spread disease to people within the environment. But you have the power to prevent this from happening by requesting rat and rodent removal services from a professional pest control company like Van Vynck.

We are the leading rat control specialists in Hillingdon. Our pest control technicians offer practical and eco-friendly solutions for removing rats and rodents from properties without using toxins or dangerous chemicals. We have a rodent control program where our specialists visit your property every four weeks to lay down bait traps and other materials to eliminate rodents.

No one on the property will be affected by our removal techniques because we keep the use of pesticides to a minimum. Our goal is to create a healthy and rodent-free environment for you and everyone else on your property. Then you can feel safe bringing people back to your property and engaging in normal daily activities without any rodents interfering with them.

Would you like to schedule an appointment for a free site survey in Hillingdon? Call us at 0808 501 5604 to speak with one of our customer support agents today. Our free site survey will evaluate the severity of your current rat and rodent infestation problem. After that, we’ll present viable solutions we can implement to remove them. Then, if you accept our rat control solutions, we can execute them immediately.

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