Rat and Rodent Removal Greenwich

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Does your home or business have a rodent infestation problem in Greenwich?

Rodents are unsanitary and unsightly creatures that can destroy wires and pipes if they gain access to them. However, the biggest threat is the potential for rodents to spread highly transmissible diseases to humans on properties. That would not be a good thing for anyone.

Van Vynck offers the fastest, safest, and most effective rat and rodent removal services in Greenwich. We have the skills and techniques to eliminate rodents from properties without depending on hazardous chemicals or other traditional pesticides. Instead, our pest control technicians use an innovative baiting system to lure rodents to bait traps and eliminate them.

Our advanced rodent control program requires consistent rodent baiting and elimination over an extended period. Depending on the severity of the rodent infestation problem, we usually recommend that our pest control technicians visit a property at least once per month. Our studies have shown that four-week intervals are necessary to control rodent infestation problems effectively.

Van Vynck will also set up preventative measures to stop rodents from coming back and invading your property again. Then you can have peace of mind knowing that everyone on your property will be safe because no more nasty rodents will be around to endanger them.

Would you like to request a free site survey to assess the rodent infestation problem on your property in Greenwich? Call us at 0808 501 5604 to schedule your free site survey and ask any questions you might have about our rodent removal services.

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