Rat and Rodent Removal Wandsworth

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Rodents can carry and transmit serious diseases like salmonella and tuberculosis to humans.


You wouldn’t want to get any of these diseases because they can significantly impact your health and create an unhealthy environment on your property in Wandsworth.

Do you notice rats and rodents on your commercial or residential property in Wandsworth? If so, don’t hesitate to contact the pest control professionals of Van Vynck right away. We can send a rat control specialist to your property to inspect and remedy your rat infestation problem.

Van Vynck has removed rats from properties for over 20 years. Rodent control is one of our top specialties because it preserves the health and safety of our clients and everyone else who enters their properties. We always use safe and effective rodent control methods which fully comply with local and UK laws and regulations.

Rats are a common pest problem for property owners in Wandsworth. We usually find them lurking inside buildings during heavy rain and colder months. But aside from escaping the rain and cold, rats enter buildings to search for food. So if you have open food sources lying around your property, don’t be surprised when rodents start showing up in large numbers.

Our pest control technicians will provide recommendations on how to keep your property rodent-free after we finish eliminating the existing ones. By following our advice, you should never have to worry about a significant rodent infestation on your property again.

Contact us at 0808 168 9447 for more information on our rat and rodent removal services in Wandsworth.

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