Rat and Rodent Removal Southwark

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Do you need rat and rodent removal services from Southwark’s leading pest control company?


Van Vynck employs skilled pest control technicians with the experience and tools to remove rats quickly and effectively from any commercial or private property owner in the city. Rats won’t last long after hiring us to remove them for you.

Rats could spread disease and cause physical destruction on a property, such as chewed electrical wiring and water pipes. The best way to prevent these rodent-related issues is to contact Van Vynck for immediate assistance. We’ll send the most qualified rodent removal professional to address the problem.

All new potential clients can take advantage of our free site survey service in Southwark. The survey lets us understand the severity of your infestation problem and the best technique for eliminating the infestation without jeopardizing the health of anyone on the property. No hazardous chemicals or pesticides are ever used to remove rodents.

Our rodent removal method is an intensive baiting program where rodents come out and chew on the compromised bait. The rodents won’t last too much longer after they consume our bait. It is a clean and easy way to stop a rodent infestation without shutting down access to your property.

We can make you a no-nonsense guarantee that you’ll be more than satisfied with our rat and rodent removal services in Southwark. Not only will we eliminate all the rodents, but we’ll give you tips on how to prevent them from returning.

Call us at 0808 168 9447 to request your free site survey today.

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