Rat and Rodent Removal Lambeth

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Rats can carry diseases and damage property.


If you don’t notice a rat infestation or fail to take action against one, it could pose a risk to your property and personal health. Either you’ll contract a disease from the rodents, or they will chew up your electrical wires, water pipes, and other vital areas of your building.

Don’t let your rat infestation problem get out of control. Van Vynck is the leading provider of rat and rodent removal services in Lambeth. We can use safe and effective methods to remove rats from your property quickly and professionally. So call us as soon as you notice any property damage, such as a chewed-up water pipe or electrical wire. We’ll act fast to ensure your rodents don’t harm anyone or anything else.

Free site evaluations are available to all potential clients in Lambeth. Our pest control technicians will assess your property to look for a rodent infestation and all vulnerable areas where rodents like to go, such as the kitchen or garage. Rodents love to invade places where water and food are often present. That is why you’ll typically see rodents in kitchens and bathrooms rather than bedrooms.

Once we finish conducting a site evaluation on your commercial or residential property, our pest control team can devise a viable control plan to remove and deter rats for good. The average rodent control program requires us to visit a client’s property every month to ensure no more rodents are present.

Call us at 0808 168 9447 to request your free site evaluation in Lambeth today.

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