Rat and Rodent Removal Brent

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Rats are nasty pests that can cause a lot of harm to a property.


The first signs of a rodent infestation might include chewed or damaged electrical wiring, plastic, wood bricks, water pipes, or other parts of your residential home or commercial building. Unusual property damage is a sure sign that rats have invaded your property.

Van Vynck is here to help. We are a professional pest control company specialising in rat and rodent removal services in Brent. Our licensed pest control professionals can remove rats from commercial warehouses, residential homes, industrial facilities, restaurants, retail stores, and any other property with a rat infestation.

Rodents are attracted to warm environments with easy access to food and water. That is why you typically see rats hanging out near trash bins and inside kitchens. And if you own a commercial restaurant or warehouse, you may experience more rat infestations than the average business owner in Brent.

Van Vynck will eliminate your rat infestation problem lawfully and safely. We will utilise the most cost-effective technique to remove all the rats from your property. Not only that, but we’ll implement preventative methods to ensure they don’t come back again. In addition, we’ll provide tips on how to care for your property to prevent another rat infestation from emerging.

Do you have an active rat infestation on your property right now? We can find out after conducting a free site survey of your property. If it turns out you have an infestation, we’ll need to perform regular treatments on your property at four-week intervals.

Call us at 0808 168 9447 to schedule your free site survey in Brent today.

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