Bird Free Gel, Westminster, London - Case Study

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Birds are a problem in many towns and cities around the country.

Not only can they cause damage to buildings and fittings, but more importantly it can lead to fouling build ups which are potentially hazardous to human health. One solution is to prevent them from roosting and nesting on your buildings, and various effective products are available on the market.

However, while it's entirely reasonable to want to keep birds away, some of the products available aren't always applicable to every scenario. Birds can get caught in poorly installed netting, which is potentially fatal for them, while spikes can catch refuse and debris causing a build up eliminating their effectiveness and become unsightly. An alternative solution is bird-free gel, which helps to repel birds without harming them.

The team at Vynck Professional Bird and Pest Control recently installed bird-free gel at a site in Westminster. Not only will the gel help to keep the site bird-free, but it will also do so humanely and without attracting controversy.

Bird free gel has three modes of action against birds, which are:

· Optical Gel: Birds see on a different spectrum to us, and some objects will appear very different to us than how a bird would see them. For example, what might be a rather plain-looking flower for us, will appear vibrant to birds and other animals. With an understanding of how birds see objects, bird-free gel was created. To our eyes, the gel is nothing special, but to a bird, the gel looks like flames. Not wanting to nest on fire, for obvious reasons, birds will look for a new home unharmed.

· Peppermint Aroma: The bird-free gel we installed for our client also emits a slight peppermint odour thanks to peppermint oil in the gel. Peppermint irritates birds' olfactory and trigeminal nervous systems, compelling them to find another roosting spot. The odour is harmless, non-irritating to people, and even quite pleasant.

· Discomfort. Bird-free gel has another weapon against birds, which is that they're uncomfortable to land and sit on. Birds looking for a comfortable place to sleep at night are likely to go elsewhere. Although uncomfortable for birds, we placed the gel in locations around the site where it won't cause any discomfort for people.

Bird-free gel is a fantastic alternative to spikes and nets. Birds that are injured, trapped, or even killed by such products can reflect badly on a location like the one in Westminster, potentially giving the location a negative image. Such concerns over making a bad impression make alternatives like bird-free gel a good idea.

Asides from causing a little temporary discomfort, our bird-free gel will help to keep birds clear without harming them and without harming your image. Plus, of course, using bird-free gel means birds are moved on as humanely as possible. The gel is also very discrete, and most people won't even know it is there.

If you would like to know more about bird-free gel or any of our other bird and pest removal services, then please feel free to contact us at any time. Our friendly and professional team will be happy to take your call and help in any way we can.

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