Wasp Removal Brent

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Reports of wasp infestations have skyrocketed across Brent.


Hundreds of business owners and homeowners have wasps on their properties. Wasps must get removed before they have a chance to sting someone. Otherwise, the victim could suffer itchiness, redness, nausea, severe pain, or death.

Van Vynck is committed to maintaining the health and safety of the people on your commercial or residential property in Brent. Our pest control technicians are skilled and experienced at removing wasps quickly and professionally. We never use pesticides with hazardous or toxic chemicals. Instead, our technicians use environmentally friendly solutions to eliminate wasps and stop them from returning.

Wasps go through different development stages, such as the egg stage, pupal stage, adult stage, and larval stage. When we inspect your property to look for wasps, we’ll pay close attention to which wasp developmental stages are present. These signs will help us choose the best wasp eradication solutions to accommodate the current wasp problem.

Wasp preventative solutions are just as crucial as wasp removal solutions. That is why Van Vynck implements effective preventative solutions to deter wasps and keep them from infesting your property once again. But, of course, no preventative solution is fully-proof, so you should obtain our continuous monitoring service too. Then our technicians can continue inspecting your property for wasps on an ongoing basis and ensure they stay away for good.

There is no time like the present to request a free inspection of your Brent property. Contact Van Vynck at 0808 168 9447 to submit your request for a free site inspection today.

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