Wasp Removal Croydon

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Wasp infestations have reportedly increased at homes and businesses across Croydon.


Getting too close to a wasp could put a person in danger because a wasp sting can cause several unpleasant side effects.

The luckiest person will only get redness and mild irritation from a wasp sting, while an unlucky person will experience an allergic reaction causing severe pain and possibly even death. Therefore, you need to consider the health and safety of everyone who steps foot on your property.

Van Vynck is one of the most trusted and respected pest control companies in Croydon. Our pest control technicians specialise in eliminating wasps and preventing them from returning to properties in the future. So if you want to maintain health and safety on your property, investing in our wasp removal services is one of the best investments you’ll ever make.

Our pest control technicians will look for all signs of wasps in their various development stages, including their egg, pupal, adult, and larval stages. Then, we will eradicate the wasps and implement preventative techniques to stop wasps from returning. All these wasp elimination and preventive methods are 100% safe and eco-friendly.

Of course, wasps could always return to your property because no preventative solution is 100% effective. That is why you should consider investing in our continuous wasp management service, so our pest control technicians can continue monitoring your property for wasps before they strike.

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