Wasp Removal Newham

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Do you have annoying wasps invading your home or business in Newham? Wasp nests and infestations are nothing to joke about because their stings are painful and potentially deadly.


Some people suffer allergic reactions to wasp stings that leave them in critical condition or dead shortly afterward.

If you want to protect the people on your property from these dangerous flying insects, you need to contact Van Vynck today. We offer advanced wasp removal services to Newham commercial and residential property owners. If you need to quickly get rid of your wasp problem, there is no better company to call than Van Vynck.

Never engage a wasp nest yourself. Our pest control professionals have the right training and experience to engage wasp nests without injuring ourselves. So there is no point in you putting yourself in danger. Let our pest control technicians remove your wasps and restore your property to normal.

All new customers are entitled to receive a free site survey. One of our pest control professionals will survey your property to locate the wasps and determine the severity of the infestation. Based on this information, we can develop a plan of action for removing the wasps safely. We go out of our way to avoid damaging property or risking anyone’s health. Our wasp removal methods don’t include any toxic ingredients.

Van Vynck works with the biggest clients in Newham and the UK, including King Sturge Consultancy, GVA Grimley, and Freshwater Group. So you are in good hands when you rely on our wasp removal services.

Contact our customer support team at 0808 168 9447 to book your free site survey in Newham today.

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