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Wasp infestations have become more common in Islington. Never go near wasps or their nests because you will increase your risk of getting stung.


Wasps won’t go out of their way to attack you unless they consider you a threat. So going near their nest would certainly set them off.

If you happen to get stung by a wasp, you’ll feel minor pain and swelling in the bite area. However, the symptoms could develop into something much worse if you suffer an allergic reaction. Either way, why risk your health or other people’s health on your property?

Professional Wasp Removal Services

Van Vynck is one of the leading wasp pest control companies in Islington. We specialise in locating wasps in all stages of their lives, such as the egg, larval, pupal, adult, etc. Our mission is to eliminate the wasps and destroy all existing wasp nests on the property. Then we can recommend preventative measures to ensure the wasps don’t come back again.

Of course, there is no guarantee whether wasps will come back again. The good news is that we offer a continuous wasp management service, where we can periodically inspect your property to ensure it is wasp-free. And if you ever spot another wasp on your property, our wasp control team can deal with it immediately.

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Van Vynck utilises an integrated pest management system to reduce the number of harmful insecticides used. Our goal is to minimise all hazards to people or property while removing all wasps quickly and professionally.

Contact our customer support team at 0808 168 9447 to book a free site survey.

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