Wasp Removal Enfield

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Wasps are easy to recognise if you come across them because they are winged insects much bigger and more dangerous than bees.


People suffer different symptoms and reactions from a wasp sting, including pain, swelling, and more severe allergic reactions. The worst-case scenario is death.

If you own a home or business in Enfield, you cannot risk endangering yourself or other people’s lives on your property. That is why you should obtain our professional wasp removal services immediately. The longer you wait to remove the wasps, the more health risks you impose on people.

Van Vynck can inspect your entire property for wasp activity and quickly remove all wasps and nests. We don’t use toxic chemicals or other hazardous materials to remove the wasps. Our team always practices environmentally-friendly pest removal techniques when destroying nests and wasps. All our pest control methods are effective and long-lasting.

Would you like a continuous wasp management service throughout the year? Van Vynck offers ongoing site inspections and wasp management services to ensure your property remains free of all wasp activity. Never take a chance where your property is concerned because wasps can pop up anytime. You’ll want the best pest control technicians regularly monitoring your property for wasps and removing them whenever found.

Would you like a free site inspection in Enfield? If so, you can contact Van Vynck to request a site inspection by calling 0808 168 9447. You are under no obligation to obtain our services after the inspection concludes. We’ll simply present you with a report of our findings and the estimated price of removing any wasps found. If you’d like us to proceed with the removal, we can do it the same day.

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