Bird Proofing Islington

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The best way to eliminate birds from your property is to prevent them from gaining entry in the first place.


That is where our bird proofing services can come in handy.

Van Vynck offers professional bird proofing services in Islington. Bird proofing is a special pest control technique where we block the most common entry points into your building and onto your rooftops. That way, birds won’t have the chance to build nests on your building.

In addition, bird proofing can prevent other types of pests from infesting your property, such as rodents and flying insects. So you can enjoy the multiple benefits of purchasing one proofing service to protect your property from annoying pests.

When our pest control technicians arrive at your property in Islington, we’ll thoroughly assess the most vulnerable areas to determine whether they are infested or susceptible to pest infestations. Then we will recommend the best course of action based on our findings.

All our bird proofing recommendations are based on several years of experience helping clients deter and prevent bird infestations on their properties. We have assisted numerous residential and commercial property owners in this effort and have achieved an exemplary track record of customer satisfaction.

Proofing rooftops is a particular specialty of ours. It is a much more sophisticated process because rooftops are wide open spaces. However, we have the necessary tools, techniques, and training to birdproof any rooftop in Islington. All our technicians are I.P.A.F. trained to prove our ability to operate equipment safely and professionally.

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